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One of the most common questions is where one should dine when attending a convention. While it is a common thing for people to stay in hotel circle or mission valley and take the trolley to downtown, I'll make this mostly centered around the convention center itself.
Here is a map of all the locations in this guide:

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 Walking Distance

These are decent places you can get to by walking. I'm assuming most people are willing to walk about 5-8 blocks.
  • Jsix at Hotel Salomar (616 J St) - This is probably the best "fine dining" destination with any consistency near the convention center. Their burgers are supposedly especially good during lunch time
  • Top of the Market (750 N Harbor Dr) - While it is a chain restaurant, great food with a great view at this location.
  • Bar Basic (410 10th Ave) - Come with a group to get some nice large pizzas. Also a bar/club for hanging out late.
  • Sora (655 Broadway) - Japanese Italian cuisine from one of Chef Nobu Matsuhisa's proteges

East Village

These places are a bit further in the East village, but still within walking distance (maybe 10 blocks total)
  • Cowboy Star (640 10th Ave) - Best steak place in San Diego, but also a really great restaurant in general. Try the buffalo burger for lunch.
  • Cafe Chloe (721 9th Ave) - Great french bistro food. This place epitomizes the great bistros that San Diego has to offer.
  • Knotty Barrel (844 Market Ave) - This gets the slight nod over Neighborhood for the bar/gastropub of choice mainly because their food is a bit better.
  • Noble Experiment (777 G St) - If you're into cocktails, this is the place to go. Call ahead to make sure you have "reservations"

Little Italy

If you're willing to buy a trolley pass for the day, you can take the Trolley to the Little Italy exit and all of these great restaurants will be within walking distance
  • Bencotto (750 W Fir St) - Great Italian hand-made pastas.
  • Craft and Commerce (675 W Beach St) - Some ridiculously good bar food to pair with drinks such as the bacon cracker jacks and mini corn dogs.
  • PrepKitchen Little Italy (1660 India St) - Some nice bistro food with drinks. Try the London's Burning cocktail. Personally I favor the appetizers over the entrees.
  • Extraordinary Desserts (1430 Union St) - A great place for cakes and gelato for dessert. Also a nice selection of teas.


If you are able to travel by car, please refer to my overall guide of San Diego.


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