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This guide serves to cover all of my "best of" San Diego categorically. There is no particular order to the restaurants within a category. I've actually been to most of these restaurants, but there is no review because I visited prior to starting my blog or I just haven't gotten around to them yet. Sometimes, I did just forget the camera too.


View Dining

  • TBL3 @ George's California Modern - best overall food experience with a great view of La Jolla Cove
  • Bali Hai - great view of San Diego skyline
  • Eddie V - great view of La Jolla Cove
  • Bertrand at Mister A's - great view from a restaurant at the top of a building



  • Claire's on Cedros - great organic food prepared well, great macchiato as well
  • Urban Solace/Solace at the Midnight Lounge - great comfort food style brunch
  • High Tide Brunch @ The Marine Room - great view of waves crashing to the glass while dining

Happy Hour

  • Nine-ten - High end food at affordable prices
  • Whisknladle (regular review) - tapas bar menu is cheap and great tasting
  • Oceannaire - oysters
  • Fleming's - 5 wines, 5 cocktails, 5 appetizers for $6 each

Japanese Food (non-sushi)

  • Yu Me Ya Sake House - great selection of tapas
  • Robota-ya Oton - booths make the experience more special
  • Izakaya Sakura - authentic unique dishes
  • Hinotez - Ramen and Yakitori


  • Kaito Sushi - best selection of quality product and price
  • Akinori Sushi - When you need your sushi to be a little more trendy and some prepared dishes as well
  • Sushi Ota - great quality sushi, but expensive and attitude
  • Sushi Dokoro Shirahama - little known, but high quality fish as well



  • Sab E Lee - authentic northern thai dishes
  • Siam Nara - good balance of Thai flavors and decor


  • Boiling Crab - Viet-Cajun seafood boil
  • Top of the Market - Special version of The Fish Market
  • The Fishery - nicely cooked seafood dishes
  • Sea Rocket Bistro - well cooked fish dishes

Bistro Style

  • Cafe Chloe - French bistro food done well
  • Urban Solace - comfort food 
  • Starlite -great cocktails as well
  • Wine Vault and Bistro - set menus
  • Brooklyn Girl Eatery - small dining room, but great decor


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gastro bits is a blog that juxtaposes the geeky with the foodie; it is an attempt to be educational about food, yet entertaining at the same time.
None of the reviews are meant to dissuade you from trying anything by yourself, but simply to provide information for you to make a more informed choice.
If any special treatment is provided to the blogger, full disclosure is presented at the beginning of the post.

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