Sometimes you're in a rush and you just want to look at the pretty pictures and get a quick hit on if the food destination is worth visiting. At the same time, I don't want to seem like an elitist d-bag and assign scores on some 20 or 30 point scale. The scoring system I've seen that I like the most is the Michelin system, so I will go with something similar. Like the Michelin system, it is possible for score to be added or revoked, and most destinations will not receive any score. However, since a food destination may not be visited frequently, it is possible that these scores can be out of date. If an establishment does not receive an award, it does not mean that the establishment is not good; I suggest you read my views and form your own opinion. The establishments that receive a reward are simply what I consider worthy of an award.

Quick Bits:
The quick bits is a section where the highlights of the experience are presented, both positive and negative. The positives are preceded with a + while the negatives are preceded with a &delta. The reason the &delta is used is because I want to have a slightly more positive outlook on things that could be improved.

Bit Awards:
The bit awards focus on food quality and service for places a person can eat for under $30 (at least an appetizer and entree) (not including drink costs). It is possible that ambiance can factor into this as well, but it would have to be something like the stack being clobbered for this to be considered. 
The bit awards are broken down as follows:
  • bit (.) - The bit is awarded to establishments that deliver great cuisine. Generally this may be awarded to an establishment with the "best {food} in {area}" (assuming there is general consensus).
  • kilobit (..)- The kilobit is awarded to establishments that deliver exceptional cuisine and service.
  • megabit (...)- The megabit is awarded to establishments that deliver extraordinary cuisine and service. Furthermore, the cuisine from these establishments may be something you expect to find at a higher end restaurant, but served at a lower price. These establishments are places that you would take a foodie visitor from out of town to visit with the guarantee that they would enjoy it.
  • bang for the bit - The bang for the bit is not really an award; it is a badge that an establishment may receive if the price to taste ratio of the cuisine is very high (for taste).

Byte Awards:
The byte awards are reserved for restaurants that are considered fine dining. These are places where one would expect to eat many courses and spend at least $40 per person. Cuisine, service, plating, ambiance, and everything factor into this score. I hate to go Gael Greene, but if the butter for the bread is not the right temperature, that will definitely guarantee the experience will not be the highest score. At the same time, these awards are definitely not michelin; they are simply my opinion about the experience I had at the restaurant.
The byte awards are broken down as follows:
  • megabyte (o) - The megabyte is awarded to restaurants that deliver an outstanding experience. These restaurants perhaps tend to "play it safe" but otherwise deliver an extremely satisfying experience.
  • gigabyte (oo) - The gigabyte is awarded to restaurants that deliver an outstanding experience, but otherwise do not warrant travel to visit them. Should someone visiting the region go to these restaurants, they should still be happy with the experience. Additionally, gigabyte restaurants must do something that sets themselves apart from other (megabyte) restaurants; generally this means that there is some element of risk to the cuisine.
  • terrabyte (ooo) - The terrabyte is awarded to restaurants that I consider a must visit when visiting the region of the restaurant. Furthermore, these restaurants are worthy of traveling to even if you live in a neighboring region. Meals from these restaurants are memorable and will remain cherished memories for me.
  • oeno-byte - The oeno-byte is a badge for fine dining restaurants that have an exceptional alcohol list. The list is not just based on the length of the wine list, but also the caliber of the wines on the list.


About This Blog

gastro bits is a blog that juxtaposes the geeky with the foodie; it is an attempt to be educational about food, yet entertaining at the same time.
None of the reviews are meant to dissuade you from trying anything by yourself, but simply to provide information for you to make a more informed choice.
If any special treatment is provided to the blogger, full disclosure is presented at the beginning of the post.

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