No So Fast Food Truck

>> Sunday, August 19, 2012

Date of Dining: 8/1/2012
Price: $8-10 entrees, $3-4 sides

The Quick Bit

+ great sourcing of ingredients
+ seasonal menu items
Δ portions could be larger for price
Δ technical execution could be higher

It has been awhile since I have covered San Diego's Gourmet Food Truck Scene. I hope to get back into covering these mobile restaurants in the near future as there are many new trucks.
We start off this post with some news of gastrobits favorite Devilicious - it seems like the Mannings have sold the truck in an effort to concentrate on their new brick and mortar restaurant Wich Addiction. We wish the Mannings well as well as the new owners of Devilicious. The Devilicious truck keeps the same staff and the same exclusive menu items in the sale such as the lobster grilled cheese.
I was introduced to Not So Fast the week they opened due to their "signature" dish being my favorite protein for burgers. Hearing that a Gourmet Food Truck would have a bison burger and be in my area was a great thing to hear. I decided to make my way and try it out.
The Not So Fast truck is a truck that focuses on Paleo food, meaning none of the foods are processed and the cuisine should resemble food that our hunter-gatherer ancestors created. The truck is owned and operated by Bob Montgomery and June Sinclair, who have fourteens years of experience in the restaurant industry. This experience has translated to offering their sandwiches on buns upon request as they realize not everyone is totally ready to adopt the paleo food style.
watermelon gazpacho - cucumber, red pepper, onion, basil, parsley, lime
The gazpacho was a great starter. The first thing I detected was that the gazpacho had a huge kick in spice to it. This combination of spiciness to the cool watermelon was extremely refreshing and cooled me down right away on a hot day. The added herbs really brought out the flavor of the gazpacho and it was a great dish.
bison burger - red wine caramelized onion, kerry gold cheese, fried egg, bacon
Following the gazpacho, I had high hopes for the bison burger. Unfortunately the picture probably says everything you need to know. My fried egg broke and was overcooked, and the bison itself was cooked well done when I had ordered medium rare.


While the watermelon gazpacho was a really nice treat, the main event was a big letdown. At the prices they are charging, I would have rather gone to Cowboy Star for the rightful best burger as the price difference was not much. While the Gourmet Food Trucks are mobile restaurants, most diners still expect some level of price break and equivalent execution of a restaurant from the truck. 
I am willing to chalk up the execution of the bison burger to some mistake, but at the price point it is being offered, it might be too expensive to give a second shot.


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