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>> Thursday, April 26, 2012

Date of Dining: 4/25/2012
Price: $11.95 lobster with purchase of additional item
Location: 2040 Harbor Island Drive, San Diego, CA 92101

The Quick Bit:

+ cheap lobster dinner
+ bang for the buck
Δ extra menu items could be more reasonably priced
Δ sides could be less an afterthought
Δ recent price increase

I thought I was going to be covering a quick deal where the lobster was $9.95, but it turns out that by the time I made it to the boathouse, the weekly special price had been increased to $11.95. 
A long running deal in San Diego, locals will tell you that going to The Boathouse restaurant on Wednesday nights gets you a lobster dinner for a discounted rate. The deal is simple - order any other item on the menu (like a soda) and you can enjoy a 1 pound lobster dinner at the discounted rate. Unfortunately, every other menu item is increased in price to make up for the cheaper lobster meal.
pear and gorgonzolla salad - candied walnuts
I figured I would order a real item to get more of an extra picture than just a lobster. The candied walnuts were and pears were nice in the salad, but the flavor was somewhat uninspired. Rather than really integrating the elements of the salad together, the flavors were disjoint.
1 pound lobster dinner
The lobster dinner comes with a side of rice pilaf and a tub of clarified butter for dipping. The lobster is simply steamed and arrives steaming hot at the table. Ultimately, lobster is lobster so if you enjoy breaking down your own lobster (albeit somewhat a small one), then this dinner is for you. The meat was sweet and succulent as can be expected from lobster.


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