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>> Sunday, July 15, 2012

Normally, this is the place for The Quick Bit, but since this post is going to be short, there's really no need.
As I mentioned last week, Comic Con occurred this past week. This is good as I was able to sample cuisine from a number of gaslamp establishments, and I will be making several short posts this week to talk about all of them.
Gaijin Noodle+Sake House is Chef Antonion Friscia's new venture. When I spoke to Chef Friscia previously, he said that it was his take on a Japanese+Italian fusion with cocktails.
We were led to Gaijin on the premise that there was a Comic Con Lunch Special where we could order a 1/2 bowl of noodles with some other appetizers for a discounted priced. Unfortunately, we were informed that the appetizer of our choice (carnitas bao bao) was unavailable despite being the lunch special.
Normally, this might be a place where I go Bane and rage like crazy, but in the spirit of keeping positive spirit, I think I can just let the pictures do the talking
kimchee "noodles"
spicy miso chasu hakata ramen


Since I want avoid a transformation into a big green hulk, I'll end on a positive note - at least I didn't get sick!


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