Sunday, June 24, 2012

Launch of Guides

Instead of a new feature this week, I decided to begin launching one of the promised new features from earlier this year. While I do my best to cover restaurants for the blog, there are hundreds of restaurants and I'm unable to cover them with any reasonable speed at the pace of 2 posts per week, especially if some of those posts digress.
However, I do have knowledge of many San Diego restaurants either from going to them without the camera, going to them before I started blogging, or just hearing about them from trusted colleagues. Thus, I have decided to debut the new guides feature.
The first guide is a large overall guide to San Diego where I try to make a quick hit of the bests of lists.
My next guide (expect it this week) will be a list of restaurants to visit when visiting a convention.
I will create more guides over time and I hope you all enjoy them. As always, comments are appreciated.

You can find the guides by the new menu option up top. You can also follow this link.


  1. Great, it's always good to have a guide for there are too many restaurant, and people are often overwhelmed by researching.
    I like your guide! Some of them I haven't get a chance to try them yet, and some I have heard many great comments.

  2. Thanks for the comments JD! I'm really hoping that people will find them useful!